Storage Boost and Crewe Clean Team's ‘100 Metre Trash Dash for Cash’

March 23, 2015

Storage Boost and the Crewe Clean Team go on a litter-picking challenge to help raise money for Comic Relief.


On the 14th of March Crewe Clean Team and Storage Boost combined forces and went on a ‘100 Metre Trash Dash for Cash’ to support Red Nose Day! Their aim was to clear up the service road near the building site for the new lifestyle centre in Crewe which is 100 metres long and to raise money for Red Nose Day at the same time. Thirteen volunteers spent two hours filling over 60 sacks with rubbish, a lot of which they recycled.

Storage Boost’s Operations Director Katie Vost took part in the litter picking, she said: ‘We are really happy to have taken part, not only helping to raise funds for people in need but also to help our local community’.  Red Nose Day transforms the lives of millions of people in the UK and across Africa. Crewe Clean Team and Storage Boost raised over £400 with their sponsored Trash Dash.

Bags_2_3.jpgIf you would like to help Crewe Clean Team clean up our local streets please contact them David McDonald on