Newsletter appeal is the springboard to expansion

December 31, 2012

The future for the House of Bread looks especially bright following the success of the Newsletter Christmas Appeal.

The charity is already on the hunt for a permanent base and if successful it could mean a major expansion in the service it offers.

Demand for the weekly meals and food and clothes are growing and as more and more businesses get on board to offer their services there is major potential to expand.

Volunteer William Morris said “My phone hasn’t stopped ringing”.  “Doors are really starting to open for us now.  I have been invited to join action forums and we have had a meeting with Stafford MP Jeremy Lefroy.”  “There are lots of ways of joining together with other organisations.  The interest from Stafford and Rural Homes and Adsis could make a big difference”.

“Recently, Stafford and Rural Homes staff donated fruit and veg that was grown in their gardens or at allotments for us to use”.  “Our focus now is finding a building”.  We can work more closely with organisations and there are endless possibilities”.

It is all a long way from its humble beginnings, which came simply from an idea by Stafford man Matt Turner.

He was concerned that homeless and vulnerable people were struggling to get the help they needed.

Matt was determined to do something to help and went out walking the streets looking for homeless people.  He was surprised by the number of people he actually encountered which led to volunteers opening up for the first time at St Mary’s Mews in September 2010.

The scheme has gone from strength to strength and is now based within Trinity Church.

Recently the charity joined forces with Greggs, the Bakers in Stafford.  Greggs donates any unsold bread, which used to be thrown away, to House of Bread to used for its Wednesday night meals.

And since the Newsletter Christmas appeal the demand has grown among those who actually benefit from the service.

Fifty people were due to sit down for a special lunch on Christmas Day and the charity was also due to open on Boxing Day.

“Before the appeal we had 27 people lined up for Christmas Day, by the end of  it was 50”.  “We are reaching more and more people.”

Storage Boost is continuing to store Christmas appeal donations for House of Bread until the new year.

Manager Sally Hincks, who has regularly been transporting donations from our offices to the storage room said : “ “We wanted to do something to show how much we supported the good cause the Newsletter chose to back this year”.