Hints for Halloween

October 30, 2014

Rhiannon Birch, Storage and Removal expert at Storage Boost Crewe, shares some hints on how to make Halloween special.

vector-cute-halloween-illustration_53-15081.jpgSoon it’ll be time to dust off the skeletons and hang up the spider webs. Rhiannon Birch, Storage and Removal expert at Storage Boost Crewe, discusses how to make the most out of Halloween.

Halloween in America is a very popular and celebrated event with countless people decorating their homes with grave stones, bats and other scary decorations. It is not uncommon for the houses to be decorated to a similar level of grandeur that you would expect for Christmas. In the past few years the trend has begun to cross the water and Halloween is becoming a big deal in Britain too. Whether you are throwing a party, for adults, kids or both, going trick or treating or even just staying in with a scary movie, celebrate Halloween and spread the festivities. The easiest way to do this is by transforming your home into a house of horrors, its great fun for adults and kids alike.

If you are having a party don’t be afraid to use tons of decorations, Halloween is the perfect time to go over the top. Nothing is too much and if you have bought/made tons of decorations don’t throw them away after Halloween is done. Look at Halloween the same way you do Christmas, invest in good quality decorations and re-use every year. If space is a problem you could rent out one of our units, with lockers starting at only £5 per week. You can usually pick up decorations after Halloween is finished at really discounted rates so it is always worth having a look for next year’s decorations.

A common complaint during the Halloween period is that people struggle to find suitable costumes. Everyone assumes a costumes would cost a small fortune but this couldn’t be more untrue. Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction is easy to do and cheap aswell, black trousers, white shirt, short black wig, red lips and nails. For men a white shirt with a red ink mark on the pocket, black trousers, red pen and you are Shaun from Shaun of the Dead. It can be difficult to have really show-stopping costumes if you don’t have much space though. If you plan on having, or attending, several costume parties it may be worth having a special wardrobe for your costumes to keep them seperated from the rest of your clothes. We sell wardrobe boxes in branch that are a great way of storing delicate items such as costumes.

You can also make your own decoratations to keep the kids entertained and have some quality time together. A nice and simple decoratation is the Scary Skeleton Stick-up, all you have to do is buy a large piece of cardboard (our wardrobe boxes come in handy here), draw around your child and cut out or just cut out a body shape, paint it black and use some chalk to draw on the bones. It looks extremely errie peering out of a window and costs you buttons to make.

Halloween is a great time to spend with your family, carving pumpkins, apple bobbing, making decoratations and trick or treating. It’s not everyday you have an occasion to gather the family round and have fun so enjoy it. It only lasts a day.


Everyone at Storage Boost wish you all a very haunting and happy Halloween.

Rhiannon Birch is the Assistant Manager at Storage Boost Crewe.